en-CLOSURE Magic

Incredible people have to come from somewhere. Why not your own house? And when I say house, it doesn’t mean you, your relatives or family. I started my very own experimental project on my parent’s showroom. Want to create one?


Seem familiar? Well, you must’ve seen these frames back in school, art class, college or in your grandmother’s room. Of course!

So, while I was searching for materials all around, I gathered these frames in all sizes.

Don’t wanna spend too much money on display? The most cheapest and budget friendly thing is what you can use- PAPER.16930646_1428754013822221_2035145542_o

Use google, any type of cloth, printed sheets , anything and everything.

I took a more ethnic-related theme (ethnic wear showroom) and chose some colors of the season. Google-Save-Photoshop-print. That is it. I printed these beautiful patterns and stuck them on these wooden frames with glue. This is how it looks like:16930676_1428753970488892_738004040_o

Finally, hang these frames with some Led lights and use them on the window or anywhere you like and you are good to go. That’s it. It’s done. Easy isn’t it?16931024_1428753930488896_1632581251_o

Want to see how a simple paper/frame DIY craft can add a touch of creativity to your window display?


img_955916936259_1428759147155041_1398399498_o16930598_1428785083819114_915377207_oHope you liked it. If you did, then go and grab some paper and frames and get onto work.

Little lazy and tired to do it yourself? Drop a message here/facebook/instagram and I’ll personalize it just for you. OR if you have other great ideas and all you need is some implimentation? Muses is happy to help.


Love ever,




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