Red alert!

Being a design student myself, I know what happens when you are given a task- Take inspiration-create a board-color chart-etc. For me, it was a little different though. Since I was an interior design student, I used to think abour furniture, walls, ceilings, wood and what not. Scrolling through pinterest, I got some amazing ideas for a room, dining area, a house- but the problem was, each and every idea cannot be used in each and every room considering we all get bored with same stuff right?

Well, look at this picture. It’s a table, with painted legs and a 3d table top. I got this idea but I couldn’t use it in my room, so I thought why not create a blingy set with the same theme?snsbfb

So why not impliment that idea into a set , click pictures, rent it out, have photoshoots and get done with that in a budget? Two things will happen at once. ie, the idea we like is coming alive and we can change it once we are done with no costing at all. Create-shoot-dismantle-create again! Sounds interesting? I wanted to use this simple idea everywhere possible. You wanna know what I did there?

Have a look:

Use Paper (Black chart paper) cut out pieces, and stick them on a flex or any background with double sided tape/ glue. Create a stronger table top with cardboard or shoe boxes, add black paper to it and done. Whoa!16933663_1428810183816604_1571298995_n

While creating these pieces I tried to experiment and sort of created a 3d chandelier and a window.16934210_1428811620483127_240742097_n

All black. Here is what it looks like:img_9986

Wanna see a photoshoot done on this set?img_1180

fullsizerender-9For more pictures visit  

Are you a fashion blogger as well? Need customized sets? Differeent kinds of photoshoot?

Muses is happy to help.

Love ever,



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