The Enchanted Woods


Okay! So as I told you before, every DIY/ design I create will be a story or an excerpt from my life. And this particular design is where I found my center.

3 moths back, it was my brother’s birthday. I remember thinking about a lot many materialistic things to gift him. But, I wanted to surprise him with this.

So, a little information here, my brother was about to start a fashion blog back then. He was too excited and focused on doing something different in the world of fashion blogging. From different style of dressing to different tools and techniques of photography, he wanted to do something distinctive.

So I thought, why not create a photo booth for his very first shoot.While I was still dealing with what to do with my life and all, I thought why not use my creativity and talent to surprise my brother and help him achieve that look he is looking for through a personalized designed set.

Here’s what I did.All his clothes were of different colors but white. Hence, I created everything available at that point into my something white.

Spray painted a wooden log- created a white lace spider web- put on some white paper curtains- used a white box of shoes- added a little bit of texture-a white base of course and done. It took me 8 different elements to create this photo booth. This is how it looks like:17028762_1430719513625671_1241097451_nimg_9880


With all this done,I called him and showed him his final surprise gift for his birthday. And that moment, the look on his face made me realize that this is my center. Creating designs that not only made me happy but also the people around me is something I was looking for this entire time.

Wanna see how it looks after a photo shoot? Here’s a glimpse of it. Wanna see other pictures? Visit

Want me to create something similar for you? Want an enchanted forest designed personally for your photo shoot? Message/ email/ inbox / DM. I’ll help you achieve a magical look you’re aiming for.

And remember, Muses is always, always happy to help.

Love ever,




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